Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stillbirth Really Sucks

So my daughters birth story will be posted at a later time. I really just wanted to write this blog for myself to try to process this really shitty situation I dont really expect anyone to really read this but who knows i might be famous one day and my biographer might need some material. Long story short. I had a great pregnancy and my daughter died of a cord accident at 39 weeks. We really want to conceive quickly but mybody needs time to heal. Im trying to hasten the process by filling my body with the nutrients it needs to heal to support another pregnancy. Right now im 6 weeks postpartum and just waiting for my midwife to give me the go-ahead to do some hard core exercise. Ive been walking and doing light weights but not pushing myself yet. My diet right now is about 50-60% raw with the remaining calories from cooked veg and a little meat and dairy. I dont care to be totally raw but I might change my mind later. I dont care if i lose much weight but im on blood pressure medication that i need to be off before attempting another pregnancy. At 6 weeks postpartum im still waiting for mother nature to kickstart my cycles. Im starting to feel a bit sore in my boobs so my cycle may have begun the first round. I will be making updates on my diet and my progress with trying to conceive